Website Migration Mistakes That Could Tank Your Online Visibility

Getting a new website is as about as exciting as getting a new car. You’re eager to get it out in front of the world and tell your story in a new, and improved way. The problem is, without a proper SEO background, launching¬† an new website could be devastating to your business if not done correctly.

Over the years, or even months, websites collect links. Whether those links were captured naturally (like a membership to the local chamber of commerce, or through an SEO provider) they attribute SEO value and contribute to a websites rankings. If those links are pointed to internal pages and the link structure has now changed, going live without reporting the links properly can result in links going to dead pages (404 Errors) resulting in a loss of SEO benefit.

Additionally, not having a proper SEO migration plan in place could result in oversight of other errors such as insecure content errors, broken links and more.

Local businesses like Soul Potential Acupuncture understand this and have worked with CRD on a migration strategy to ensure that not only rankings are consistent, but they grow with the migration as well.

Before you go live with your next website, take a few moments and speak with one of our SEO consultants to determine if an SEO migration plan is right for you!

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