CRWD Launches #SmallBusinessSaturday Video Campaign on CRCO

Castle Rock Web Design is pleased to be the official video crew for the #WeAreCastleRock, Small Business Saturday movement on CRCO. CRCO recently published the first of many co-op videos designed to connect the community with small businesses around the greater Castle Rock area.

Episode 1:
#WeAreCastleRock Featuring Envision Counseling Center, FarmBox Foods and Castle Rock Eyewear 

CO-OP videos cost $300/business (for a limited time using coupon code 200OFFCRTV) and consist of 2 – 3 segments per video. Small businesses who wish to participate and be featured on an upcoming #WeAreCastleRock video can sign-up here.

The videos are published every Saturday on the CRCO Network will include over 50K members throughout its #FB Pages and Groups.

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