Case Study: NuLeaf Naturals #1 in 100% Organic Pure CBD Oil

NuLeaf Naturals is a premium CBD Oil Manufacturer based in Denver-Colorado who buy CBD online as well as wholesale CBD at over 1,000 retailers around the country.

CRWD started working with NuLeaf Naturals on an SEO campaign just over a year ago focusing on improving their overall digital footprint.

In a short time, NuLeaf quickly jumped ahead of the pack ranking number 1 for just about every competitive keyword in their category. Their success brought scrutiny from competitors. Shortly after they climb to dominance they landed in the cross-hairs of their competition where an aggressive, non-stop negative SEO attack was released.

What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is a form of search engine de-optimization where thousands of links point to a website designed to trick Google into thinking the attacked website is violating their guidelines, therefore a penalty is assessed.

The attack against NuLeaf resulted in tens of thousands of links being pointed to The anchor text used included just about every porn reference you could imagine.

The recovery took about 8 months and caused millions of dollars in loss revenue. This all when down during the same time NuLeaf was announced as the fastest growing company in Colorado by Inc, 5000 and 11th fastest growing in the United States.

Today, CRWD is pleased to announce that our efforts have paid off. We’ve recovered the website’s traffic and things are starting to look great again for NuLeaf. We play on deploying aggressive link monitoring that will allow us to combat any future negative SEO attacks in real time.

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