Being an Expert Can Boost Your SEO

At CRWD we believe that many ‘digital marketers’ and small businesses alike, over complicate what SEO, and what it isn’t. To Google, its mostly about your reputation. Your reputation is measured based on the content within your website as well as how many outside influences endorse that content.

Take Roofcorp of Metro Denver as an example. Roofcorp is a local roofing company who has set themselves apart from the competition by providing expert opinions about roofing, on their blog. They offer advice such as ‘how to check your roof for hail damage,’ among vast other very helpful topics.

At CRWD we encourage all of the businesses out there to think about what makes you unique? Do you have a product that no-one else does, or do you have a specialty service that allows you to outperform your competitors?

Typically, when we speak to small businesses and ask them why they’re different, the most common response is the customer experience. While we agree 1000% that’s critical, it’s a very common value statement that many consumers may, or may not take serious.

Think about it – what makes you unique? Second, think about how you can make your website useful to your audience. Most websites are designed to generate business but they also have to be created to offer useful tips or advice to your end user. You might not capture that lead today, but tomorrow you will.

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